Travel in Israel

Israel is a great place to travel as it gives immense tourism opportunities to its visitors. Most major airlines offer flights to Tel Aviv which is Israel’s capital. The flight will land you at Ben-Gurion International Airport which is located approximately 12 kms outside the city. Here you can avail public bus services or Tel Aviv Car rental which is offered at your desire. International Car agencies such as Avis also have a branch in Israel. They are available online and you can contact them as well.

You can find a number of car rentals at the airport such as Shlomo sixt which has over 18 branches in Israel and Hertz car rentals famous for their services and online bookings and reservations. You can pick your choice of car hires that come under your budget.

Since Israel is located in a geo-strategic area, there will be great security concerns and you should expect them as you land at the airport. Moreover, to enjoy your trip to the fullest, you should pre-plan your trip and make an itinerary of the places and cities that you want to visit as per schedule.

Israel is basically a small country so once you arrive at Tel Aviv you can visit Jerusalem which is just an hour away or even visit Haifa in the North (not very far again). Haifa car rental again gives you a great facility and you can drive your way around Haifa to see exotic animal species there.

Drive around and enjoy your travel in Israel.

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