The car that you dreamed on becomes a reality and the dream came true.

Rental car companies services will allow you the opportunity to get the car that you would like and the way that suit your lifestyle and your needs. In this context the most important and majority of companies like shlomo sixt, leasing service offering two types, namely: leasing with maintenance (operating lease), and Lease to Own (financial leasing).

Leasing with maintenance (operational leasing): Provides leasing companies service “lease with maintenance” for customers who want to enjoy driving a new car of their choice from among a wide range and variety of vehicles for periods ranging from 6-26 months, in order to try before they buy or enjoy the driving for a limited period and then rent a different car for a new period for those who love constant change and renewal.

The service “lease with maintenance” serving customers looking for peace of mind when they are driving the car, So do not worry about the expenses for maintenance or malfunctions of natural or all the consequent costs becouse it is not calculated as episodes of the collision – the the services of “leasing with maintenance” includes many features that ensure comfort for customers, the companies cover the costs maintenance required and necessary to keep the car working according to the best performance throughout the duration of the lease contract.

Advantages of leasing with maintenance

 Comprehensive maintenance for the duration of the contract and the counter value.

Insurance for the duration of the contract. (25% rate charged to the client if the reform is against the unknown)

A replacement vehicle when the vehicle subject to the maintenance or repair for more than 24 hours

 24 hours Assistance on the roads for the duration of the contract.

Priority for the client to buy the leased car – in cash or by installments – after the expiration of the lease.

Not required to provide guarantees…