Car Hire in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a small city and is basically known for its historic relics and great ancient architecture for which many tourists from all over the world are attracted to the city. Moreover, Tel Aviv offers shopping, great night life and a relaxing atmosphere such as sunbathing for tourists.

Most visitors will arrive in Tel Aviv at the Ben Gurion International airport which is about 20 kms southeast of the city. its the mein gate to israel. Car hire is easily available at the airport and is the best mode of transportation available in the city if you wish to travel all alone or with your family in the city. Car hire at Tel Aviv is offered at some of the lowest and most competitive prices. You can rent the car and drive around for as long as you want and explore each every nook of city yourself.

You pick your car directly from the airport and get yourself anywhere you want. Of course, before getting ahead towards some tour, you should basically devise a plan and search the drive path and roads of Tel Aviv and the places they lead to. Having a good road sense and memory always pays off in these circumstances. However, since Tel Aviv is small city and all the tourist attraction areas are well marked along with the major shopping areas, you would have much travelling driving your own car around.

Making online booking with car rentals in advance is always a good idea. In that case you will get the car of your own choice since you might not be able to find a car to match your need at the time of arrival.

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