Car hire in Jerusalem

If you are planning to visit Jerusalem, then you should definitely get a car hire for yourself to make your entire stay easy and comfortable. Jerusalem is a great place for getting yourself entertained and relaxed at the same time. It also has a lot of tourism and thus car hires are a very important aspect to comfort and take along tourists all the way in the city.

First of all before taking a car hire, you need to know the driving routes and details of the place. It is good idea here to fetch a map mark all the places that you want to visit. Getting some detail over the net before actually paying visit to the city will really help and make your journey more comfortable and easy.

As far as the road conditions in Israel are concerned, some of the older roads are not that comfortable to drive and have some curvature to them as well. On the other hand, with some new infrastructural developments there are some excellent highways and bridges in the middle of the city which makes the car drive very exclusive and you reach your destination very easily.

Israel has an auto club by the name of MEMSI and the club’s branches are located in different cities. The MEMSi auto club is also located in Jerusalem at 31 Ben Yehuda St. with standard office hours. You can contact the club for the car hiring during its office hours.


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